Doug Stolhand

Lead Pastor


Doug started as our new Lead Pastor at EBF on Sept. 17, 2018.  

Debbie and I grew up in southern California - Debbie in the pool and I “lived” on the beach. Our active outdoor childhoods, led to really active “sports loving” lives. We both played team sports, coached, and our fun-loving families played games. We were known for hearty laughter. We were both blessed in that our family’s relationship to God through Jesus Christ was a priority that we saw lived out. As a result, we both came to faith in Christ as kids and grew up attending the same church, where we “met” in high school. 

Our first date was “grad night” at Disneyland, and the rest as they say is history. Thirty-six years of adventure in marriage, three daughters-Ashley, Lindsay & Kelsey, serving in vocational ministry and a truckload of international travel and missions bring us to today.  We have lived in the great “cow states” of California (“Happy cows”) and Wisconsin (more cows than people), in urban, suburban and rural settings. 

Our realization of life not being about ourselves came very early, and before we married, we knew that God had called us into a life of serving others. We worked multiple jobs early on to pay for my attending BIOLA University and Talbot Seminary. The degrees earned are not my own, but gifts from God that came through the sacrificial hard work of both of us. In fact, every paper I wrote, Debbie typed on her lunch breaks, or before or after work. 

Being a mom, it was a natural “fit” for Debbie to work in the school district as a para-educator, which she has always seen as more of a ministry than a job. She has coached softball at the high school level and worked most of the athletic and extracurricular events throughout the year. Because serving others has been central to our lives, the variety of things the Lord has allowed us to be involved in has been full of that paradoxical combination of joy and sorrow that permeates ministry. In the

church, Debbie loves the nursery! She has also been part of AWANA, Youth Ministry, Women’s Ministries, baking cookies and meals for others.

Outside of the church we enjoy building relational bridges with people who don’t yet know Christ, that are strong enough to carry the weight of the gospel.  I thrive on telling people about Jesus, communicating the Word, and prayer. So, I ride with others, I keep bees with others, I coach, whatever, wherever, all to find ways to associate with those who are searching for meaning in life and praying that somehow God will open the door for a conversation that can change their eternity by introducing them to Jesus. 

We are just kind of down to earth people. Given the choice, among a host of other things, Debbie can be found walking, cycling, reading, gardening, participating in exercise classes, working puzzles, watching football and serving in the community. I love to ride my bike. But on my days off I bake, hunt, fish, do woodwork, cook, and keep bees. Above all else our greatest joy comes from seeing God at work and being used by Him for His glory.




After growing up in Lynden, WA, (Go Lynden Lions!) he graduated from Centralia Community College with an Associates Degree in 1994. He received his B.A. in Bible and Youth Ministry from Multnomah University in 1997. Shon served as Youth Pastor at Central Bible Church in Portland, Oregon from 1998-2011. In Octber of 2011, Shon answered the call to serve on staff at EBF and started as the Youth Pastor in 2012. In June of 2014 Shon transitioned to the Associate Pastor role. Some of Shon's favorite things about being a pastor include: working with students & families, encouraging men, leading mission trips, going on retreats, meeting with people, helping new people get plugged into the church, teaching, seeing people grow in their faith, facilitating small groups, planning events, and playing sports.  Shon is married to Melody and they have six children.




Caleb is a 2017 graduate of Moody Bible Institute in Spokane with a Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Youth Ministry. Caleb is married to Ashley. Ashley is also a Moody graduate with an AA degree. Both Caleb and Ashley grew up in the church as children of Youth Pastor's. As a consequence Caleb was involved with youth ministry throughout his Junior High, High School and College years in various leadership roles. He is passionate about spending intentional time with students to assist them in their walk with the Lord.  


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Ministry Leaders @ EBF

Office Manager:  Judy McMillan

Women's Ministry:  Jodi Davison

Men's Ministry: Dean Forte, Shon TenKley

Nursery:  Eileen Bates

Children's Sunday School:  Lonna Hocker

AWANA:  Kerri & Sean Vincent

VBS:  Pam Wagner

Kids Choir:  Mike Keeling

EBF Preschool:  Maria Goodin

Amazing Grays:  Mary Higgins

Deacons:  Tom Higgins, Chris Barr, Erik Martin

Deaconess:  Kerri Vincent, Claudette Kerstetter, Vicki Brittingham

Ushers:  Ron Smith, Dean Forte

Reception Coordinator:  Kerri Vincent

Librarian:  Claudette Kerstetter

ESL:  Minda Caldwell

Mission Commission:  Frank Meriweather, Blythe Stanton, Jeanette Gardner, Minda Caldwell, Jonathan Joudrey, Bill Smith, Felicia Van Lierop, Fred Smith

Small Groups: Joe & Diane Upton

Sound/Tech:  Tim Vanderhoff

Spanish Ministry/Sunday Sermon Translation:  Jonathan & Gloria Joudrey

Senior Potluck:  Judy Pust

Espresso Stand:  Sarah Wagner

Meal Ministry:  Cheri Lopez

Wednesday Night Prayer:  Myra Yu

Custodians:  Sean Vincent, Lauren Vincent, Melody TenKley

EBF Jail Ministry:  Bill Smith, Karen Hazelrigg